Drape your home in luxury with valances

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Your window is the visual gateway to the outside world from inside your home. It is attention grabbing and almost always the highlight of any room

Your window is the visual gateway to the outside world from inside your home. It is attention grabbing and almost always the highlight of any room. It is surprising then that almost none of us every think about window decorations in any amount of detail at all, even less so than many other apparently less significant items.

Windows need decoration like any other part of your household furniture, and the first thing to consider when you are undecided on what to get is valances. Valances not only lend uniformity and symmetry to the look of the window, it enhances the perception of the entire room décor. Valances serve to hide curtain rods and other unsightly necessities and hardware, but in doing so they lend character and pizzazz in a very subtle yet noticeable way.

Valances can be tailored to your exacting specifications to make installation a non-hassle at worst and a joy at best. They bring character and gravitas to the room while simultaneously opening up for more avenues of customization, decoration and personalization. With expertly designed valences, you can create a contemporary look just as easily as you can impart a traditional vibe to a room or place. You just need to have a clear idea of a unifying theme for the place and have as few elements that conflict with that general theme as possible. For instance, unless you still cook on a hearth and toss in a few bags of coal every few hours to maintain temperature, you probably do not want your kitchen curtains to set the impression that you are out of touch. Having a modern and contemporary look.

There are a variety of different styles and forms of valances to consider when you are deciding on a theme or setting for your space. While grommet top styles look very modern and contemporary with their flat surfaces and pronounced curves for a very fashionable look, scalloped valances bring traditionalism and old-school nostalgia to the table. Due to the additional fabric incorporated in most traditional designs and styles, they offer plenty of texture and physical mass to offset a simple or pedestrian surroundings and gives “presence” to the décor. Layered valances invite interaction, with their variety of textures and colors which offers a stunning amount of color blocking and have the potential to look extremely fashionable and avant garde if managed properly. Colors and fabrics can be combined in an effectively infinite number of combinations, creating no dearth in the number of possible designs and styles.

While having a fancy do up on your kitchen curtains might seem weird or pretentious, a window top can really have significant positive effects to how a space is perceived by both its regular inhabitants and their guests. Not only to they have a functional purpose, they also impact significant perspective and character to the space. Even if you do not quite like curtains, window tops and valances really open up literally a new avenue in how we look at interior design now.