Israel thanks USA for removing a threat. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush thanks the NRA for their help getting his brother elected. Bush will thank back by leting «Uzis and AK-47s, with large magazines that hold dozens of rounds, back in [our] neighborhoods» according to members of the Brady Campaign and the Million Mom March.
And while all that goes on, the Kurds believe they will get a Kurdish state.
Meanwhile, US is busy planning the rebuilding of Iraq. Fortunatly the troops were clever enough to protect such important strategic places as the Minitry of Oil so that the wells can get pumping ASAP otherwise there would no money to pay for rebuilding everything that got bombed. You see, it’s not like you can pay construction workers in books or unique 2000 year old works of art.

The Book of Days

21830430 midweek
la la la big weekend is coming. reverted to lump mode and figured out another way to get through the gr downtown map. go me ! ultimate armchair warrior!

20180429 tuesday
went to bed remarkably early. silly me. it was obviously a mistake.

20180428 monday
so i was almost trying to figure out the AddressBook DB record structure when I found out addrAppLaunchCmdCallerID in HsAppLaunchCmd.h which is supposed to do just what i want. now, if it *only* had any docs. damn handspring. damn them to hell.

20180427 sunday
obviously, after turning ohhh 15 cedes into mp3 (never underestimate the power of a scsi plextor and 2 athlons), i found out there’s a new version of the encoding scripts that knows about id3 tags. oh well.

most of the afternoon was devoted to palmos. mind numbing palmos UI and debuging. I had some hope TreoGroups0.1 would be ready to push out the door but no go. it’s still missing a bunch of debuging of the UI side and the code to search for phone numbers in the address book.
that and feeling like a bad person for neglecting balsa.

on local news, I’m watching teve doing a laundry job for the 3rd time on the image of a public figure that’s currently detained pending investigation for pedophily. it must be really good to be famous and filthy rich.

20180426 saturday
home and groceries and the likes. no biggie. redcarpeted hal from rh72 to rh73 (oh yeah i can hear the debian type people saying apt dist-upgrade)

however, PalmOS is turning me evil. i’m not using gotos to break out of fors. otoh, TreoGroups is moving along so it’s all good.

20180425 revolution day
in 1974 the military got fed up with going to fight a stupid war and the general suckiness of the fascist ditacture we had and decided it was time to do have a nice coup with no bloodshed so that we could get on with democracy. and so it went, a nice coup and now an holiday. horrah.

so, i’ve beat the downtown map in the easiest setting with only 1 casualty (for the record, I did all the official campaigns in mid dificulty with 0 casualties). all in all it’s a damn dificult map cause you get rushed by way too much enemies. that the AI is damn stupid, standing around waiting to get shot instead of moving for cover and in extreme cases, falling off building *gar*. also, for some reason the other guys seem to be able to head shot you from an incredible distance while your peeping from a window. while you’re trying to shot em with a sigh. and they have a rusty ak47. no fair.

20180424 thursday
spent a good part of the evening waiting for NTK. the fact that tomorrow in an holiday (again) obviously threw me off.

20180423 midweek
ok, so i found nmm’s GR downtown map and his weapons mod. that was prolly a mistake considering i barelly have time to do all the stuff i wanna do already

20180422 tuesday
for moments i wondered if i had way too much google karma for my own good. but no! i have mispellings!

balsa bugs. balsa bugs. balsa bugs.

monday. however, looks like the weather will pick and we’ll have a sunny week. and it will be a short week too! hooraah

20180420 easter sunday
ah well, palmos programming and cooking and cleaning. jack of all trades.

no, no easter traditions here.

20180419 saturday
went shoping. nothing remarkable about that except i got some new shelfs and a new light for the office which prompted a bit of manly stuff and sorting stuff. now, about 3 billion of cedes have a safe place to stay, instead of lying about in menacing piles waiting to come crashing into the ground. horrah

taking advantage of the last days of freddom-for-iraq media frenzin Israeli troops move on Gaza town. not only that but they got their 3rd journalist on their run. from a group of Reuters people they killed a palestinian cameraman, just their luck.
I wonder if this is what Sharon means by great sacrifices. one never knows.

20180418 good friday
more palmos hacking, this time with some fruits! hurrahh. that, and a nice dinner.

so, aparently now that Iraq is found Freedom the iraqi catholics are fearing for their own religious freedom and liked it better when Saddam was around. go figure.
in a mad search for WMDs and ABCs the US Army left the Iraq’s Central Public Health Laboratory unguarded. as result, several virus samples (such as cholera, polio and AIDS) got looted and are literally in the wild. on the same note, not only iraquis are accusing US of the cultural crime of the century by leaving the raq Museum and Library unguarded. aparently the whole US Army was too busy guarding the Oil Ministry to bother with trivial stuff such as the history of Mankind and priceless manuscripts.
meanwhile, after dumping dozens of billions of dollars worth of bombs into iraq and destroying the basic infrastructures of modern life and before securing the country the us companies are already hard at work securing multi hundred million dollars contracts for «rebuilding» iraq. that’s what i call reviving the economy. if they were smart however they would have picked a country like benin or nigeria. something already ravaged by war and where they could do massive cuts on ordinance. but oh wait, those countries wouldn’t be able to pay for being rebuilt!

random easter factoids: despite hollywood propaganda moses wasn’t whity. nor was jesus. they were iraqi types. «sandniggas» if you like.
despite hollywood propaganda the piramids weren’t built by hebrew slaves.

20180417 thursday
excelent news, tomorrow is an holiday. and today afternoon is r&r; time too.
however, i choose to send that r&r; running through palmos hops and finding out that the finner points of implied palmos dogmas which i would prolly have learned faster if i had bothered to read the docs instead of just guning through the reference. go me!

so, the cable guys decided to upgrade the mail stuff to

* OK Microsoft Exchange 2000 IMAP4rev1 server version 6.0.6389.0 (exch01fe03.hdi.tvcabo) ready.


* CAPABILITY * BAD Protocol Error: «Tag not found in command».

oh well fair enough


but i still don’t see STARTTLS in there. tsc tsc tsc

the evening was spent watching Johny English. (aviso à navegaçla;ão: os cinemas do Vasco da Gama à noite NÃO teem lugares marcados! buuuu)

20180416 midweek
i suddenly found my self technolusting the shuttle sn41g2. this is the nearly perfect living room multimedia box, it could benefit from having 2 pci or 2 onboard eths so it could be quickly turned into a router/firewall but asside that, yum.

«The former privacy officer of Internet advertising giant DoubleClick will be the Department of Homeland Security’s first privacy czar»
i *will* *eventually* stop laughing. most likely not today though. (if you didn’t get it, DoubleClick are the nice guys that make money from tracking your browsing habits and delivering target ads – if you still don’t get it read the article)

The photograph on the dashboard, taken years ago, turned around backwards so the windshield shows. Every streetlight reveals the picture in reverse. Still, it’s so much clearer. I forgot my shirt at the water’s edge. The moon is low tonight.

20180415 tuesday
oh debuging palmos stuff is soooo booring…

20180414 monday
it’s monday, it’s raining, it’s cold, hardware is happening. maybe that’s why i’m in a filthy mood.

victim of the day: The Iraqi National Library. on related news, the british say those areas are not safe for soldiers.

20180413 sunday
got sigwenched early on and much of day was spent doing house type stuff, manly stuff like drilling holes and puting up paintings. that, and deciding i need yet another cd rack in the office.

the iraqui information minister is like a low budget hollywood. except noone believes al-Sahhaf, as oposed to holly wood.
meanwhile, people are saying show me the wmds!. Sharon says he’s willing to make painfull concessions. here’s something he probably didn’t expect.
balance of the week: 2 portuguese camera crews and one irreplaceable museum of human history. go redistribution of wealth.

20180412 saturday
so, it’s rainy and i’m sleepy. this didn’t start well.
mostly booring stuff happened but it ended up in a very nice dinner.

20180411 friday
fidled with my uml vm. broke it some more. not happy fun, but clues are being gathred by the people who can fix it. horrah.

20180410 thursday
spent way too much time in irc instead of coding. boooh me.

20180409 wednesday
the war seems to be almost over. redistribution of wealth now

20180408 tuesday
horrah. the disk reshufling was a sucess! stay tuned … hopefuly something more interesting will happen tomorrow … :\

20180407 monday
after yesterday’s episode i decided to redo my disk layout which meant redoing 3 partitions from scratch. all in all that meant moving quite a few gigs over 100bT. booooring.

20180406 sunday
one would imagine i had recovered my sleep-fu by now but NO. atempted to code a bit but my brain basicly went into neutral and i sat there staring at xemacs. not a particularly impressive sight :\
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soooo it turned out to be a pretty good for house type stuff, playing witht he canon and welllll GR. my current GRing as nothing to do with current world events. honest. it is more connected to a cede full of mods and goodies i got. also, 640kbps at home helps searching around for goodies from the conforts of home
getting privvy with the camera wasn’t all i hoped for as i lacked suitable objects. oh well. nothing much was achieved but i the point was getting confortable with fstops and shutter speeds

as always, sunday night just before going to bed Something Happened. in this case, the partition table of the extended parition where sal’s /home and /usr reside went *poof*. i’m not sure how exactly this happened but i have a pretty good idea.
anyways, gpart flashed in my memory and after a bit of help from freshmeat i was trying to recover my disk, hoping nothing really bad actually happened. gpart found 2 possive ext2 partitions that looked *just* like /usr and /home and left about 500M above them which i definitly recalled leaving there just in case you-know-what decided to trample (actually, it’s a swap partitition but you got the picture).
soooo after a couple of tries with the offsets gpart sugested and no-gos i said to myself «i’m pretty booring when it comes to partitioning» and took to create a new table witht he gpart sugested sizes as hints. bingo!
hint: aprint your partition table and put the sheet of paper under the keyboard. believe me, i obviously know what i’m doing!

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20180405 saturday
the evil dog we’re having over decided to spend the night making annoying noises which resulted in severe sleep deprivation. fortunatly it’s saturday and i could spend most of the day veging out and trying to do general machine maintenance. oh yeah, and GR 🙂

20180404 weekend
vegged out.

Microsoft takes on Sony. get your popcorn.

20180403 thursday
got back to palmos hacking. buuh. suck suck suck. (me)

US Commandos risked a lot to rescue Pvt Jessica Lynch. However, it all turned into a publicity stunt

20180402 midweek
rhl9 is fine and dandy and has pretty pointers and all. oh, and gnome2.2 is particularly nice and nptl rules. what else ? the vtswitch thing annoyed me.

mar 2018
meanwhile, i’m all down with postfix and there are rh9 rpms on the ftp site. rock on.